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Elvis Presley On The Australian Charts 1990 - 2002

By: David Troedson
Source: Elvis Australia
January 7, 2004
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The Great Performances

Released on the 15th of October 1990. It had a 10 week stay on the chart, peaking at #43.

Presley -  All Time Greatest Hits

Released on July 1, 1991, and was listed as a "breaker" on the 14th of July. It entered the ARIA Charts the following week at # 46 and peaked at #7 after 7 weeks on the 15th of   September. It's last entry was the 24th of November, it's 17th week. It had by now reached Gold Record Status in Australia. (It reached as high as #3 in the State of Queensland.) In the Singles Charts that week was "Calling Elvis" by Dire Straits #12 and "Walking in Memphis" by Marc Cohn #19.

Collectors Gold

Released  on the 9th of December 1991, It reached #138, staying in the charts, 5 weeks

100 Super Rocks

Originally released in 1978, reaching a high of #59
Re-Released on the 17th of February 1992, It reached #158 , and was in the top 200 for 2 weeks

From The Heart

From The Heart entered the Charts on the 23rd of August, 1992 in the # 17 position. The next week it peaked at #5, and last appeared on the 18th of October in position #45. An eighteen week stay in the top 200, but not as yet credited as a gold record.

The King Of Rock 'N' Roll- The Complete 50's Masters

Not shown on the "Public" Chart but it was on the actual chart for "Retailers only" in 1992, The double CD Album reached #37 and enjoyed a seven week stay on the Australian ARIA Chart. Australia imported the US version.

We love Elvis (Japanese ?)
Catalog # : R30P-1003 / 74321-102262

A 3 CD set released on the 22nd of February 1993, It reached #146 and was in the top 200 for 5 weeks.

The Essential 60's Masters

Reached #169 for 1 week on the 25th of October 1993

From Elvis In Memphis

Reached #196 on the 29th of November 1993, for 1 week.

The Romantic

Elvis : The Romantic

This Album made it's Chart debut in the #4 position, on the 15th of May, 1994 andthen promptly raced down and out of the charts, Lasting just five weeks. It's last entry was #43 on the 12th of June. The Romantic spent a total of 11 weeks in the top 200.

The Essential Collection

The Essential Collection

The Essential Collectionentered the Australia Charts at #31 on the 16th of April, 1995. It peaked at #20 on the 21st of May, after lying around the bottom of the Charts since it's debut. It's final resting place was #26 on the 4th of June, a stay of eight weeks. The Essential Collection spent a total of 42 weeks in the top 200

Walk A Mile In My Shoes - The Essential 70's Masters

The Essential 70's Masters, enjoyed a 10 week stay in the top 200, reaching a high of #113 on the 6th of November 1995. It reached #89 in the State of South Australia. Not a bad effort for a box set, I think.

Presley -  All Time Greatest Hits

Presley -  All Time Greatest Hits, re-entered the Charts at #38 on the 14th of July, 1996, by now with Platinum status. It slowly climbed to #12 on the 8th of September, now double Platinum. Then descending and making it's final appearance at # 43 on the 29th of September. It had now spent 58 weeks in the Top 200

More Romantics

The follow-up to The Romantic spent 13 weeks in the top 200, peaking at 63 on the 18th of August 1997. More Romantics reached the top 40 in the State of Western Australia.

Gospel Favourites

Reached #84 on the 18th of August 1997, and had a stay of 12 weeks in the top 200.


Platinum : A Life In music

Platinum, reached #56 on the 18th of August 1997, and spent 11 weeks in the top 200. It made #39 in the State of  South Australia, spending 12 weeks on the state chart. Platinum - A Life on Music has been very successful in Australia, and was released on the official world release date, with BMG importing several thousand copy's in advance. A job well done by BMG. The same can be said for the Masters Box Sets.

Presley -  All Time Greatest Hits

Presley -  All Time Greatest Hits, well what do you know, here it is again in 1997, spending another six weeks in the Charts. I don't have the full details of this run, except that it reached at least #34. I wasn't looking at the Charts at the time, probably because there were no new releases. This Incursion into the Top 50 would have been because of it's very low price of $14.95 (It originally Charted at the Recomended Retail Price of $34.95) The Album had now spent a total of  36 weeks in the top 50 on the Australian Charts. Top 200 not known at this stage. This double Album now has a 4x Platinum Rating in Australia with sales exceeding 350,000.

A Golden Celebration

A Golden Celebration reached #182 in the state of South Australia 1998

The 50 Greatest Love Songs

Listed at #50 on 3 December 2001 and then jumped 34 places to #34 for the week of December 10.

Elvis Vs JXl


Burning Love


ELV1S 30 #1 Hits


  • The Australian Track Listing for the All Time Greatest Hits is different to the US/UK versions.
  • Internet CD Companies are now selling the Australian version
  • In store promotion by BMG in the 90's has been excellent, It certainly has been a case of "Elvis in the 90's". On the other hand Television has been effectively non existent.
  • There were a number of Albums to chart in a State but not on the National chart; as follows
  • A Celebration (#174 NSW 28/03/94)
  • Elvis in Concert (#191 NSW 18/10/93)
  • Harum Scarum / Girl Happy (#192 NSW 18/10/93)
  • It Happened at the Worlds Fair /Fun in Acapulco (#190 NSW 18/10/93)
  • Kid Kalahad / Girls, Girls, Girls (#181 NSW 18/10/93)
  • Viva Las Vegas / Roustabout (#182 NSW 18/10/93)
  • A SINGLE IN THE CHARTS 1992 - 'Elvis Presley' (#167 SA 5/10/92)

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