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January 7, 2004

Criteria For Aarm Gold Record Awards / Aria Platinum Awards : Australia

For Many years I have often wondered how many Elvis Presley records were accredited Gold record status in Australia. From 1967 to 1987 I was a member of the Air Force and put this project on hold. In 1988 I decided it was time to put the known facts on paper before they got lost.  During the past ten years I have met many Elvis fans, but only a few real die-hard research collectors. They have been most helpful in this research. But to find out exactly how a record became a Gold record in this country, I contacted Mr. Ron Wills who was in the music business all his working life. I have included the story below, that Ron told me some years ago.

'Bob, you ask how we set the figure for a Gold record Award. I must admit that I was the one who decided on the method of calculation. Slim Dusty's record 'A Pub With No Beer' went to the top of the Australian hit parade in June 1958 and by June 1964 it had sold 80,000 copies. We [EMI] decided that it merited an award which would be the equivalent of One Million sales in the U.S. So we figured that 60,000 units was a fair relationship when the population difference was considered. Slim's record at that stage had reached 80,000 and so we presented him with the first ever Gold record in Australia. From then on 60,000 was regarded as being The Gold Standard Record. It was decided that the figure for Long Play Albums would be 10,000.

Ron was working with EMI in those days, but not long after this he joined the RCA Australia stable, where he stayed until his retirement. In 1968 RCA Australia had reckonised the 'Elvis factor' in this country, and going through their sale figures, came up with some amazing statistics. Elvis had a total of thirty seven (37) records that had passed the Gold record requirments. These figures would eventually get lost in the 1980's, when BMG took over RCA. Ron also believes that it would be a miracle if anyone found anything in the current building.

So going on Ron's figures and calculations, Elvis sold in excess of 540,000 units for his nine (9) Gold singles up to 1968. Some of these singles were still available in the 70's. 'Return To Sender' was still available and re-issued in late 1979. 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' was re-issued twice in the 80's with new catelogue numbers and was still available in 1984/85. Overall Elvis had one hundred and four (104) singles released in Australia.

Elvis also sold in excess of 720,000 copies of his twelve (12) extended plays that passed the Gold record mark. In 1970 A Touch Of Gold - Vol. 2 was to become his next Gold record. These EP's were on sale right up to the mid eighties (Over 20 titles were available), when RCA were advised that no more would be pressed. Additional sales figures were not given, but I'm sure that there would have been about 20 Gold EP's in the end.

The Elvis Album statistics really get me wondering who was in charge of this department from 1969 thru to 1978. In 1968 Elvis was awarded fifteen (15) Gold Albums for sales in excess of 150,000 Albums. There were eight (8) additions to the list in 1970, bringing the total to twenty three (23) Albums that went Gold. That's 230,000 Album sales. But oddly enough, four Albums were not re-accredited, missing out were - For LP Fans Only, Kissin' Cousins, Girls, Girls, Girls and Girl Happy. Up to 1970 Elvis had thirty nine (39) Albums released and RCA Australia had credited twenty three (23) as reaching Gold status.

In 1978 RCA decided to present the Elvis Presley Estate with a supurb plaque highlighting his most recent Gold & Platinum awards. (I cannot remember how the fiqures came about because sometime in the mid 70's the method of calculating Gold & Platinum awards was changed from units sold to dollars.) The inscription on the plaque reads in part '22 Gold and 7 Platinum awards' From that list of 29 Albums only seven (7) had been previously awarded Gold status, so I assume that would be the seven (7) platinum mentioned.

Two Australian Awards at Graceland  

This is an incomplete list, it is not possible to prove all certifications. Due to RCA no longer being in Business.

Title - Australian Gold Singles Cat # Release Award Source

Hound Dog / Don't Be Cruel

1956 AARM

Jailhouse Rock / Treat Me Nice

1957 Gold Award AARM

A Fool Such As I / I Need Your Love Tonight

1959 Gold Award AARM

It's Now Or Never / Make Me Know It

1960 Gold Award AARM

Are You Lonesome Tonight / I Gotta Know

1960 Gold Award AARM

Tonight Is So Right For Love / Wooden Heart

1961 Gold Award AARM

Rock A Hula Baby / Can't Help Falling In Love

1961 Gold Award AARM

Return To Sender / Where Do You Come From

1962 Gold Award AARM

Crying In The Chapel / I Believe In The Man In The Sky

1965 Gold Award AARM

Edge Of Reality / If I Can Dream

1968 Gold Award #1 MELB

In The Ghetto / Any Day Now

1969 Gold Award GO-SET

Suspicious Minds / You'll Think Of Me

1969 Gold Award GO-SET

The Wonder Of You / Mama Liked The Roses

1970 Gold Award GO-SET

Burning Love / It's A Matter Of Time

1972 ? #3
Title - Australian Gold Extended Plays Cat # Release Award Source

Love Me Tender

1956 Gold Award AARM

Old Shep

1956 Gold Award AARM

Jailhouse Rock

1957 Gold Award AARM

Loving You : Volume 1

1957 Gold Award AARM

Loving You : Volume 2

1957 Gold Award AARM

King Creole : Volume 1

1958 Gold Award AARM

King Creole : Volume 2

1958 Gold Award AARM

Elvis By Request

1961 Gold Award AARM

Follow That Dream

1962 Gold Award AARM

Kid Galahad

1962 Gold Award AARM

Elvis Sings ... Kiss Me Quick

1963 Gold Award AARM

Love In Las Vegas

1964 Gold Award AARM

A Touch Of Gold - Volume 2

1967 Gold Award AARM

Both 'In The Ghetto' & 'Suspicious Minds' are widely remembered as having qualified GOLD.

'Edge of Reality' [Number 1 in Melbourne according to 'Top 40 Research] is also strongly believed to have qualified / been certified GOLD. 'The Wonder Of You' was the number 8 song of the year in Melbourne [Top 40 research] 'Burning Love [National Top 10] was a major single for Elvis in Australia.

Title - Australian Gold & Platinum Albums Cat # Release Award Source

Elvis Presley

1956 Gold Award AARM


1956 Gold Award AARM

Loving You

1957 Gold Award AARM

King Creole

1958 Gold Award AARM

For LP Fans Only

1959 Gold Award RCA

Elvis' Golden Records

1958 Gold Award AARM

Elvis' Golden Records : Volume 2

1959 Gold Award AARM

Elvis Is Back

1960 Gold Award AARM

G.I. Blues

1960 Gold Award AARM

His Hand In Mine

1960 Gold Award AARM

Something For Everybody

1961 Gold Award AARM

Blue Hawaii

1961 Gold Award AARM

Girls, Girls, Girls

1962 Gold Award AARM

Fun In Acapulco

1963 Gold Award AARM

Kissin' Cousins

1963 Gold Award RCA

Elvis' Golden Records : Volume 3

1963 Gold Award AARM


1964 Gold Award AARM

Girl Happy

1965 Gold Award RCA

Elvis For Everyone

1965 Gold Award AARM

Elvis : NBC TV Special

1969 Gold Award AARM

Elvis Sings 'Flaming Star'

1969 Gold Award AARM

Let's Be Friends

1970 Gold Award AARM

Worldwide 50 Gold Award Hits : Vol 1

1971 Gold Award AARM

Aloha From Hawaii

1973 Gold Award AARM

Rock 'N' On

1974 Gold Award Graceland

Rock 'N' On 2

1974 ? ?

Elvis In The 70's

1975 ? ?

Love Songs

1979 ? K-TEL


1980 ? K-TEL

All The Best [From Elvis]

1982 Gold Award Graceland

Elvis Blue

1984 Platinum Status BMG

Words And Music

1987 Platinum Status BMG

Elvis Ballads

1987 ? J&B

17 Number One Hits

1988 ? J&B

The Romantic

1990 Gold Award BMG

Presley : All Time Greatest Hits

1991 Platinum Status x 2 BMG / ARIA

From The Heart

1992 ? BMG / ARIA

The Essential Collection

1995 Platinum Status BMG / ARIA

(Platinum - Level 4, with sales exceeding 350,000) (Presley- All Time Greatest Hits: 9 x Gold; 4 x Platinum)

Compiled by Nigel Patterson, Wayne Hawthorne  David Troedson and Bob Hayden. Text by Bob Hayden.

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